Thank you for Orekit Day 2019!

I hope that all attendees of the conference had a nice travel back home.

I just wanted to throw a quick message to thank everyone involved in the preparation and execution of this awesome day ! It was very nice to see all the different applications of Orekit, have an overview of the directions it is heading towards… and just talk with fellow users. It led to some very interesting discussions. Maybe the people who could not attend the conference will be able to participate via the release of the presentations slides soon. It could be interesting to continue the discussions via the forum.

Thank you all, see you again on this forum, and maybe live in 2 years ?


I’m sorry I couldn’t come, I have a great memory of the first Orekit Day!

I was told that you made a very nice presentation. I look forward to the slides being put online.

I agree with all you said Yannick, this Orekit day was really a good day !

It does look good for the future of Orekit :+1:

Hi, can just join in, it was a great day and cool team, open source community at its best! Many thanks for arranging this!

I just finished reading the presentations and I was impressed to see all the exciting things people are doing with Orekit. I’m sorry it missed it.

@yannick I plan to have time this fall to work on allowing Orekit to load multiple supplemental data sets simultaneously. So if you haven’t accomplished it by then perhaps we can work on it collaboratively.

Hi @evan.ward ! Nice to hear from you.
I do not have much time to work on Orekit at the moment, so it is highly unlikely that I will get anything significant done before this fall. I would of course gladly collaborate with you on this subject.