Release Python Wrapper for 10.3


With the 10.3 release of Orekit, the Python wrapper is also available. This contains all the improvements and fixes from the 10.3 java version, see original 10.3 post. Many thanks to all the people who has contributed.

The Python version contains the hipparchus 1.8 and Rugged v2.2 versions. As previously, everything that don’t have a test case should be considered experimental :slight_smile:

This version is built using JCC 3.8 for all platforms. Otherwise only minor modifications are done in respect to the Python wrapper itself.

It is highly recommended to install this using the conda/mamba packaging system, see instructions on the wiki

Previously, the orekit conda package was depending on the openjdk that was part of the Anaconda distribution. The current version is using the openjdk version 8 of conda-forge and thus not being exposed to the recently introduced licensing of usage of Anaconda distribution (license for companies >200 employees). Instead of starting a new Python installation with the Anaconda distribution, one can use the miniforge installer and in that way install the packages.

Please post general questions on usage or problems on the orekit forum ( and please report identified bugs or issues on the issue page (