Proposal for 11.1.2 version

Dear all,

Orekit 11.1.1, has been released the 17th of March 2022. Since this release, many bugs have been fixed. Therefore, I think it is interesting to think about a 11.1.2 release next week. Below, the bugs that could be included in the program.

  • Issues in parsing and writing features:
    • Issue #912 for OEM writing with acceleration data (already fixed)
    • Issue #908 for unmanaged comments in OMM (already fixed)
    • Issue #906 for unmanaged units in OMM (already fixed)
    • Issue #882 for OEM writing (already fixed)
    • Last step of issue #895 for SP3 parsing (partially fixed in the following forum thread)
  • Issues in orbit propagation features:
    • Issue #910 for ECOM2 equations (already fixed)
    • Issue #826 for ephemeris generation using PropagatorParallelizer (already fixed in !257)
  • Issues in frame features:
    • Issue #909 for NTW LOF (not fixed)
  • Issues in tests:
    • Merge request !258 for NtripClientTest

It represents 8 issues and 1 merge request. Most of the issues are already fixed. Therefore, this version will not require much extra effort to be done.

What do you think?

Best regards,

I will see if I can release Hipparchus 2.1 so we also have complete fixes for
issues GH-183, GH-184, GH-187 and GH-188.
They are interesting for some projects using Orekit.

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That would be great!
This would allow to also include the fix for #891

Bryan, I think that is great. Are you going to cherry pick certain features/bugs or include everything since the last release. E.g. #903 ? That might make it a 11.2 version.

Hi Evan,

Yes, the idea is to cherry pick the commits related to the above issues. Like that, it is possible to perfom a 11.1.2 patch release in order to allow users to benefit from these wonderful corrections very soon.



I am all for incremental improvements, +1 for patch release if the effort is relatively low to organize the release itself.

Hipparchus 2.1 has been released. Therefore, 11.1.2 will depends on this version. As a result, I will be able to include the fixes that depend on Hipparchus 2.1 version in the release program.

I will also add the following issues that were fixed:

And merge the following branch (depends on Hipparchis 2.1): port-fix-hipparchus-184

I will start the release process tomorrow afternoon.

In case you include #911, which I doubt, note that you should also include commits f24d941c, c712523f and 5ef83dc0 that are a follow-up that changes implementation by introducing utility classes for reducing code duplication.

However, I think this issue is more appropriate for 11.2 because it is a new feature, which is not the goal of patch releases and hence would require a formal vote.

I agree, fixed issue #911 should not be included in the 11.1.2 patch release as it is a new feature.

Done →

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