Orekit 12.0.1 released

The Orekit team is pleased to announce the release of Orekit version 12.0.1.
This is a patch version, including both new features and bug fixes.
The main changes are:

  • Fixed covariance propagation with a BoundedPropagator.
  • Fixed wrong behaviour wrong behavior of method “propagate(tStart, tEnd)” when used with “setResetAtEnd(false)”.
  • Fixed regression in computation speed when using Ephemeris.
  • Fixed infinite loop when using specific date with CssiSpaceWeatherData.
  • Fixed SpacecraftStateInterpolator constructor ignoring input extrapolation threshold.
  • Fixed bad caching of the ocean tides model.
  • AberrationModifier is now usable with custom data context.
  • Added Intellij checkstyle configuration in contributing.md.
  • Updated Javadoc.
  • Added missing contributors.

This version depends on Hipparchus 3.0

For complete release notes please see:

The maven artifacts are available in maven central.
The source and binaries can be retrieved from the forge releases page:

Many thanks to all the contributors & reviewers !

Also, special thanks to @bcazabonne for helping & teaching me how to perform a patch release :heart:.

Cheers everyone,