Python Wrapper 12.0.1 released

Containing the nice xmas gift from the orekit 12.0.1 update: Orekit 12.0.1 released - #2 by Vincent

Packages on conda as usual.

Best wishes for a Happy new Year

Thank you @petrus.hyvonen !


Thank you Petrus!

Best wishes and happy new year

Thank you Petrus !
BTW, did you change your Orekit Wrapper creation recipe so you can use the official Orekit binaries and generate all of the additional java classes (the Python*.java ) in another jar ?

Best wishes and happy new year

Hi @gcap

No I have not made that change (yet), but it is something that I would look into at some point. Maybe it is even possible to just filter out the classes not starting with Python from the “python-jar”.

Well, with a bit of chatGPT and maven config files it wasn’t too hard to separate the Python classes in a separate jar, containing only those classes starting with Python*. The latest conda build (buld 2) is now based on separate jars for the python wrapper classes and a jar with standard orekit jar.

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Cheers @petrus.hyvonen :slight_smile: