Orekit 11.0 - Survey for the release

Hi Orekit community!

Orekit 10.3 has been released 8 months ago (21/12/2020). Since the last release, a lot of bugs were fixed, and a lot of new features were developed, representing 55 completed issues according to the issue tracker. To give you an idea, 55 issues were completed for 10.1, 35 issues for 10.2, and 43 issues for 10.3. So I think it’s time to release Orekit 11.0.

Below, a brief summary of the main changes already completed:

  • Orbit determination using TLE orbit propagator
  • Sequential batch least squares orbit determination
  • New method signatures for IOD using directly the measurement classes
  • Writer and parser for all CCSDS Navigation Data Messages in both KVN and XML formats
  • Version 2 of CCSDS Tracking Data Messages
  • Version 3 of CCSDS Orbit Data Messages
  • Support for Rinex navigation files
  • Support for IGS clock files
  • Support for IGS real time data including both SSR and RTCM messages and Ntrip protocole
  • Consideration of eclipses by Moon in solar radiation pressure force
  • New API for analytical GNSS propagators
  • Addition of the finish method to finalize propagation by step handlers. It replaces the previous isLast parameter of the handleStep method.
  • Removal of propagation modes (master, slave, and ephemeris)
  • Possibility to add several step handlers for the same orbit propagation
  • A lot of fixed bug

Are the previous features sufficient for a new release?
Do you have any feature under development that you would like to add in the program?

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Those are many nice new features. I notice there are 32 open issues tagged for 11.0.

This is the list of incompatible changes I would like to see applied for 11.0:

And this bug fix for the CCSDS parser.

I can start working on the time bugs today. I plan to fix them by adding more digits to the output to avoid rounding by default.


Regardless of the number of bugs fixed, the simple fact that the last version released was 8 months ago justifies the release of a new version, since you have fixed some very serious bugs in between. :wink:

I hope that one day, the project will see a much more sustained pace of patches release. The exceptional nature of the patches is probably the only criticism I can reproach for this project and its community, which are otherwise exceptional.

But we’re not days away and I agree with Evan that if there are any bug fixes that cause API incompatibilities or breaks in library operation, now is the time to do them.

I don’t think we will be able to fix all these issues for the release. It would be great to correct as many as possible, but if we want to fix the 32, the release can only be done in several months.

For instance, I would need a lot of time (i.e., at least two weeks) to fix #770 due to the complexity of some classes. Because it involves to change the name of some classes, this issue can only be fixed for a major version of Orekit. However, it is just a improvement of the existing classes, there is no bugs. So, for instance, this issue can be done for a 12.0 release.

I will do a survey on the existing issues with a 11.0 milestone in order to see the ones that need a major release and the other ones that can be done for a minor release. For the minor compatibles, I propose to set a 11.1 milestone if they need a significant time to be fixed.
For the ones that can only be fixed for a major release, we can discuss them individually here.

It would be great if you can fix these issues for the 11.0 release :slightly_smiling_face:

This is very good news if you have time to work on these issues.
I will update the thread with the issues I propose to fix for the release.

Issues that I would like to fix for the 11.0:

For the two last ones, two merge requests are already opened.

Yes, I agree with releasing soon and I don’t think we’re getting all 32 of those issues done. I think 11.0 became a tag for “I’ll get to a later” so I don’t think many of those issues should make it into 11.0 because there isn’t enough time to do them. Thanks for doing the triage.

Did one MR yesterday, I’ll try to do another one today.


Hi all,

I’m looking forward to the release of Orekit 11.0.

I will use this opportunity to add support for the CCSDS Tracking Data Mesage (TDM) v2.0, so it will be in the 11.0 release. I plan to finish this in the next days.

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Hi David,

I think Luc added support for TDM v2 yesterday (see #821 and commit @8395802d). As a result, it is included in the program of Orekit 11.0 release and already available in the development version.

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I’ve been using the new CCSDS framework in Orekit Development already and it works like charm. Thanks a lot for implementing this!



I have juste finish the dev and review of #797.
I hope that it could be merged before the release maybe?

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Because @evan.ward followed the development made some comments on it, I would like to have his approval to merge it.
But yes, it will be included in the release.


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From my previous list, the following issues were fixed: #626, #785, #795, #799, #805, and #820

I am for frequent releases… I am looking forward for the CCSDS file updates :slight_smile: I could imagine a minor release with the non-breaking API changes also.

I’ve submitted MRs for all the issues I intend for 11.0 except for #830 which I intend to do today.

Wow! Great job! @sdinot told me that Orekit pipelines were on fire yesterday :slightly_smiling_face:

Are these MRs ready to be merged? If yes, I can look at them to see if everything is Ok. Even if I think that they are all perfect!


Hi @petrus.hyvonen

Are you talking about a 10.4 release with non-breaking API changes between 10.3.1 and now or about a 11.1 release close to the 11.0?


Yes, at this point I think they are all ready to be merged. I always appreciate a second set of eyes on the code. :slight_smile:


Sounds on the recent discussions that there are lots of near term work so probably not needed! :slight_smile:

My thought was if v11.0 are several months ahead maybe it would be worth releasing a 10.4 version.

Finished creating my new MRs for 11.0. Now I plan to focus on helping get Anne-Laure’s merged: Issue 797 : Improve investigation while encoutering a MathIllegalStateException (!165) · Merge requests · Orekit / Orekit · GitLab


I think that all contribution were merged. Am I right?
I only have to merge Maxime’s contribution (#829) and release process can start