Orekit 11.0 - Survey for the release

Yes and perhaps #668 if the MR is ready.

I’m looking to see if #798 has an easy solution. Should know within a couple hours. I think the easy fix to get some event detection working for DSST would be backwards compatible. The harder fix to get the states passed to the g function to be the same as the states passed to the event handler and step handler seems to too big for 11.0 as it would require changes to Hipparchus. So I plan to split that into two issues.

I agree. I quickly look at the contribution and it looks good.

It can be a good idea to implement the easiest solution for 11.0 and the harder for another release.

MR created !195 with the simple fix for DSST. I’m done with adding new things to 11.0. :slight_smile: Good to start release from my perspective. I’ll be on out for the next few days.

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Thank you very much Evan, you did an incredible job :slightly_smiling_face:
I will look at your MRs, merge them, and start the release process.

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