Whitespace characters in headers with CPFWriter

The CPF V1 I write using Orekit do not pass the quality checks of the ILRS Operation Center online checker: CPF-Check | Tools | EUROLAS Data Center (EDC) (requires free registration). Only for CPF V1 and not V2 though.

For instance I get the following errors:

H1 CPF 1 DLR 2021 11 10 15 8141 tubin
→ EH1001 in line 1: The pattern in record H1 is wrong.
H2 2105922 6208 48900 2021 11 10 13 1 0 2021 11 17 13 1 0 60 1 1 0 0 0
→ EH2001 in line 2: The pattern in record H2 is wrong.

The error messages are explained in Consolidated Prediction Format (CPF) - Version 1.0 | Operation Center (OC) | EUROLAS Data Center (EDC)

I narrowed down the issue to whitespaces. It seems that in version 1 of the CPF format, the header fields have fixed widths, see:

  • Comment 5 at page 23 of the CPF V1 format document: https://ilrs.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/2006/cpf_1.01.pdf
  • The online documentation mentions the column number of all fields for the V1 format only.
  • This is not the case anymore for the V2 format which seems to tolerate any position and length, as long as the fields are separated by one whitespace

This would require for instance writing 10 whitespaces at the end of H1 to make up for the missing notes field.

Same issue for H2, as the Orekit writer adds a whitespace at the end of each line, the online checker returns an error.

Another point where I am not sure is the CPF field at the column 3 of H1:

  • According to the CPF V1 PDF, this field only takes 3 characters
  • According to the CPF online checker, this field takes 4 characters and the last character must therefore be a whitespace

I could send an email to Christian Schwatke of TUM to ask if this last point is a mistake or not.

Attached is a sample CPF V1 file.tubin_cpf_211110_8141_wrong_h1_h2.dlr (817.2 KB)