Which model of atmosphere is better to use

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Which model of atmosphere is better to use for an spacecraft altitude of 270-300 km?

Can I take Drag Coefficient = ballistic coefficient?

Hi again @arletty,

I tend to always use NRLMSIS00.


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I used DTM2000 - it’s more bad or good?

It’s bad.
As far as I know, it was designed at some altitude range (don’t remember which, but more in the ballpark of 800km than 300km) and did not perform well outside of its design range. I don’t know anybody who uses it by now and we will probably kick it off from Orekit at some time.

Thank you, I will test all models of the atmosphere. DTM2000 showed good results for an altitude of about 800 km

NRLMSISE00 is the best for low orbits?

Yes, it’s the only atmospheric model in Orekit that goes below 120km

ECSS standards actually advise to use JB2006 above 120km and NRLMSIS00 below.
JB2006 was removed from Orekit some years ago and replaced by JB2008.
However I never used JB2008 so I cannot advise to use it or not.