Welcome to new Orekit commiters: Romain and Vincent

The Orekit team is happy to welcome our latest committers: Romain Serra (@Serrof) and Vincent Cucchietti (@Vincent) .

As per Orekit governance rules and given their involvement in the project, the Project Management Committee has recently granted commit rights to Romain and Vincent.

Welcome to the new developers!

Welcome to the team!

Thanks for the welcome guys!
And my gratitude to the PMC for their trust.
Still have loads to learn about Orekit so you’ll definitely see me post questions to the actual experts here.
Congrats to Vincent.


Thank you for your trust, I’ll do my best to meet your expectations ! I’m very happy to be able to work on such a nice project as a junior.

Congrats to you as well @Serrof and thank you for your help on collision related subjects :wink:.

Cheers everyone,