[VOTE] Releasing Rugged 2.2 from release candidate 1

This is a VOTE in order to release version 2.2 of the Rugged library.
Version 2.2 is a maintenance release.

Highlights in the 2.2 release are:

  • adds access to algorithm identifier,
  • corrects an Earth constant for model IERS96,
  • improves documentation and fixes a few bugs
  • automatic building, release and code analysis are available with Gitlab CI

The release candidate 1 can be found on the GitLab repository as tag 2.2-RC1 in the release-2.2 branch: https://gitlab.orekit.org/orekit/rugged/tree/2.2-RC1

The release notes can be read here: https://test.orekit.org/site-rugged-2.2/changes-report.html

Maven artifacts are available at https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/orgorekitrugged-1001/org/orekit/rugged/2.2/

The votes will be tallied in 120 hours for now, on 2020-08-01T18:30:00Z (this is UTC time).

This vote passes, with +1 from St├ęphanie, Jonathan, S├ębastien, Guylaine and Luc.

I will publish the artifacts soon.