[VOTE] Releasing Orekit 11.2 from release candidate 1

This is a VOTE in order to release version 11.2 of the Orekit library.
Version 11.2 is a minor release.

Highlights in the 11.2 release are:

  • the Hatch Filter for GNSS measurements smoothing
  • the parsing and writing of CCSDS CDM in both KVN and XML formats
  • the parsing of SOLFSMY and DTC data for JB2008 atmospheric model
  • the parsing of EOP in Sinex files
  • new measurements for orbit determination: TDOA, bi-static range and range rate
  • support for ITRF 2020 version
  • the computation of mean orbital parameters in the sense of Eckstein-Hechler or Brouwer-Lyddane models.
  • the J2-relativistic clock offset for GNSS measurements
  • an update of the CCSDS ODM v3 format
  • an improvement of the frame transformation

The release candidate 1 can be found on the GitLab repository as
tag 11.2-RC1 in the release-11.2 branch:

The release notes can be read here:
(Please note that due to an issue with the website generation, the description and date are not generated. They will for the official release. For more details, see the changes.xml file.)

Maven artifacts are available at

The votes will be tallied in 120 hours for now, on 2020-06-19T10:00:00Z
(this is UTC time).

And to start the vote, my own +1

I checked eveything, all is fine from me.

+1 for the release

That is ok for me, +1

WoW, BistaticRange, what I want. +1

+1 from me as well.

+1, thanks a lot for your support :slight_smile:

+1, some great new features!

looks good to me +1

This vote passes, with +1 from: Luc, Pascal, Maxime, Stéphanie, Li, Theo, David, Gowtham, Hank, Evan and myself.

I’ll push the artifacts tomorrow.

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Hi all,

thanks for the new release.
Any visibility as to when the updated Python wrapper will be available on conda?


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Sorry for late vote +1

I would estimate the conda packages will be built and available on the conda channel in about 20 minutes :slight_smile:

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