[VOTE] Releasing Orekit 10.3 from release candidate 1

This is a VOTE in order to release version 10.3 of the Orekit library.
Version 10.3 is a minor release.

Highlights in the 10.3 release are:

  • Fix of short period Jacobian calculation in DSST orbit determination
  • Fix Kalman issues
  • Fix CCSDS ADM issues
  • Relativistic clock correction for most of measurements
  • Piecewise model for empirical forces
  • One-way GNSS Range and Phase measurements
  • Support for Laser Ranging data (i.e. both CPF & CRD formats)
  • Lense-Thirring and De Sitter relativistic effects
  • Clock drift for RangeRate measurements
  • Support for AGI LeapSecond.dat files
  • New interfaces for attitude ephemeris files
  • Knocke model for Earth’s albedo and infrared
  • Possibility to use multiple handlers for one event detector

The release candidate 1 can be found on the GitLab repository as tag 10.3-RC1 in the release-10.3 branch:

The release notes can be read here:

Maven artifacts are available at

The votes will be tallied in 120 hours for now, on 2020-12-19T15:30:00Z
(this is UTC time).

+1 vote for release 10.3

+1 for releasing 10.3

+1 for release 10.3

+1 vote for release 10.3

Checked everything (signatures, content, tag, tests, release notes…).
Everything looked good.
One minor point: the Junit version is still set to 4.12, so we will certainly get some warning from GitHub dependabot urging us to bump it to at least 4.13.1. There is no urge to do it, so 10.3 can be released as is.

+1 for the release.


I will likely not be able to do the python version today, got stuck in a battle with different flavours of openjdk, seems like there are some differences in regard to JNI somehow.

For the python users, I am will migrate all dependencies to the open conda-forge channel. The company behind Anaconda has now decided that the previously free distribution and channels, still accessible, now requires a license for certain conditions (companies >200 employees).

It is highly likely that there are no further bugs discovered in the python wrapping so if you have enough votes I propose you move forward.

Hi Petrus,

Dis you see different version of openjdk in the RC1 of 10.3?

Do you think we must produce a RC2?


Hi, no it is not related to the changes in orekit.

Previously i used the openjdk that was provided through Anaconda main channel (JetBrains openjdk I think), but as the usage of that “channel” is potentially under license I want to migrate to conda-forge version (Zulu openjdk). It seems like there are some differences in the behavior related to JNI (the interface towards python) between them, do not expect any changes in the orekit part, unless some bugs are discovered due to the actual wrapping. But not there yet.

This vote passes, with votes from Paul, yzokras, Pascal, Sébastien, Luc, Yannick, Mohanad, Maxime, Amir, Petrus, and myself (some directly on the thread, some on the voting widget next to the title).

I will proceed with the release on Monday.