[VOTE] Releasing Hipparchus 2.0 from release candidate 6 (was RC5)

This is a VOTE in order to release version 2.0 of the Hipparchus library.
Version 2.0 is a major release.

Highlights in the 2.0 release are:

  • addition of a sequential Gauss-Newton optimizer
  • improved relative scheduling of step handlers and events handlers in ODE
  • addition of a finish callback in step handlers
  • replacement of RealFieldElement by CalculusFieldElement interface
  • many improvements in Complex to fully implement CalculusFieldElement with correct branch cuts
  • addition of FieldComplex
  • addition of complex and field complex univariate integrals (including contour integrals)
  • addition of field versions of univariate integrators
  • implementation of elliptic functions and integrals (for real, complex and general fields)
  • faster simultaneous computation of sinh/cosh

Note that the elliptic integrals for complex and field complex numbers in the incomplete case are considered experimental for now, they have known issues (see issue 151 and issue 152).

The release candidate 5 can be found on the GitHub repository as tag 2.0-RC5 in the release-2.0 branch.

Source and binary archives are available using the staged web site downloads page at Downloads | Hipparchus .

Note that the index page at /downloads does not show the 2.0 release, as it has not been voted yet.

The release notes can be read here: Hipparchus Release Notes | Hipparchus .

Maven artifacts are available at Index of /repositories/orghipparchus-1036

As this is holiday time for many people the votes will be tallied next week, on 2021-08-07.

+1 for release.

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+1 for release

My own +1 for the release

+1 From me as well.

+1 for release

As per discussion here, a release candidate 6 was done. There are no differences in code with release candidate 5. The only change was one the generated website, where we changed the CDN for commonly used javascript libraries. This change was done by merging pull request 154.

The new URL for maven artifacts is: https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/orghipparchus-1037/.

So we keep the same vote thread going and consider all votes already cast are still valid, and we don’t change the end time of the vote.

Looks good to me, so much faster now! Thanks Luc!

This vote PASSES with +1 from Axel, Bryan, Hank, Evan, TiMauzi, Pascal, Maxime and myself.

I will proceed with the release.