Can we remove yandex?

While testing the 2.0 release of Hipparchus I notice the site was loading very slowly. Loading About | Hipparchus took 3.7 minutes. (The Hipparchus site been loading slowly for a while now, but I decided to investigate the cause this time.) It seems to be due to Hipparchus using some third party site named yandex to host part of the site and the connection to yandex times out.

./src/site/site.xml:82:      <link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>
./src/site/site.xml:83:      <script src=""></script>

It seems to have been added by Thomas back in 2016. Perhaps yandex has broken since then. I would like to remove yandex and host the files ourselves on or use a different CDN.

I don’t think we need to hold up the release for this issue since it doesn’t change the code.

Yes, I think we can do that. Hosting the files ourselves would probably be simpler, but would mean we
have to check for updates.

Do you want me to set up an RC6 even if we still continue the same vote thread?

Dear all,

In my humble opinion, the Highlight.js is really usefull for rendering source code. Rather than removing this library, I suggest you replace the CDN you are using with another one that works well, like this one for example:

That link from cloudflare loads quickly so that would seem to be a solution. Or hosting the files ourselves.

Regarding an RC6, I don’t think we should hold up the release over this. I do think it is important for the user experience. Having a website that doesn’t load for a couple minutes could prevent new users from discovering Hipparchus.

A pull request is available:

Change Highlight.js CDN #154.

Feel free, if you prefer, to ignore this PR for now, to publish version 2.0 without integrating it, and to merge it later, on this same branch (by publishing a 2.0.1) or on another.

Sorry, I don’t understand. Is fixing this important or not? I can fix it this evening and create an RC6,
and I can also add a comment in the vote thread referencing this thread and Sébastien PR to explain that the vote is not cancelled and continues but now applies to RC6. This would both solve the issue and not hold the release.

What do you think?

Sounds fine to me.

My concern was not starting a new vote, since that takes a week or more.

This is fine.
RC6 has been performed, tagged and pushed to GitHub. The new artifacts have been uploaded on SonaType OSS staging repository for maven artifacts (so the URL changed) and on Hipparchus website for source distribution and generated website.