[VOTE] Releasing hipparchus 1.6 from release candidate 1

This is a VOTE in order to release version 1.6 of the Hipparchus library.

Version 1.6 is a maintenance release.

Highlights in the 1.6 release are:

  • Add Optimum.of(…).
  • Make AbstractEvaluation constructor public, fix javadoc.
  • Added field version of Vector2D.
  • When exception message formatting fails still show a helpful
    message and stack trace.

The release candidate 1 can be found on the GitHub repository as
tag 1.6-RC1 in the release-1.6 branch.

Source and binary archives are available using the staged web
site downloads page at https://hipparchus.org/staging/downloads.html.

Note that the index page at /downloads does not show the 1.6 release, as it has not been voted yet.

The release notes can be read here:

Maven artifacts are available at

The votes will be tallied in 72 hours for now (or more if needed),
nominally on 2019-10-28T16:00:00Z (this is UTC time).

Note as this vote will be held on both the developers mailing list
and on the Hipparchus development category in the forum. I will tally the
votes on both channels

My own +1.

+1 for me too.

+1 from me too.

I was curious why org.hipparchus.exception.MathRuntimeExceptionTest has output. It’s a bit of a tangent but again just curious.

I agree this is strange. I think it is a side effect (and perhaps a bug) of the JVM.
The output is generated because the test calls printStackTrace on a stream that
should theoretically be an internal buffer. The part of the test reads:


were writer is PrintWriter encapsulating a StringWriter. The purpose of
the test is to retrieve the message and check some properties on it. It seems
that the call above not only prints to writer but additionally prints to standard error.

It would be better to avoid any output, and the test seems written properly to me.

Hank, that is my fault. There is a System.out.println(message); statement at the end of that test that I forgot to remove. I don’t think it is worth holding up the release over, but I’ll fix it on the master branch.

+1 from me.


This vote passes, with +1 from: Phil (on the mailing list), Glauco, Hank, Evan and myself.

I’ll push the artifacts tody.