Using Rugged for a frame camera


Firstly thanks for the library I’ve only just started to use it but it looks very useful.

I have got to grips with using Rugged with a pushbroom sensor, but ultimately I’d like to also perform direct and inverse location for data from a frame camera too. Is there an accepted way to use Rugged for this or is it only intended to be used for scanning sensors? I’ve wondered about implementing a LineDatation which is invariant with respect to line number, but this seems a bit inelegant so I was wondering what other options there might be.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @CFieldhouse, welcome to the community.

Using an invariant LineDatation will not work when performing inverse location. You will most probably get numerical problems with divisions by zero when attempting to locate the proper time, when in fact the computation is irrelevant for frame sensors…

Frame sensors is something we want to add. It was not done yet, though it is probably very simple.
Could you open a feature request on our issue tracker here:
If you also want to contribute it, you’re welcome :wink:

Thanks for the quick reply and advice @luc.

I’ll add the feature request. If I end up implementing something myself I will try to make it available.