Using Duvenhage algorithm with drones


I have a drone at given position on the Earth (lont, lat, altitude) and its camera is pointing at something (I know the camera attitude), and given a DEM of the region, I would like to known the coordinates of the center of the image.

To that end, I’ve been trying to evaluate Rugged and especially the Duvenhage algorithm.

But a lot of things seems to have some notion of time and/or orbit in it (intersection arguments are expressed in ellipsoid frame for instance).

Is the lib / class ill suited for what I’m trying to do ?

Thanks !

Hi @Davidbrcz welcome !

You can use the library but you will need to use the core elements.
I think the main method that will be of some help for you is the intersection method of the DuvenhageAlgorithm class. It takes a position and a los as its input parameter (as well as the ellipsoid with respect to which the DEM is defined).