Use of AngularRadecBuilder build method


I was using AngularRadecBuilder method build before update 12.0 like that :

ra_dec_builder = AngularRaDecBuilder(crvg,groundstation,inertialframe,[1.0, 1.0],[1.0, 1.0],dummysatellite)
ra_dec_builder.init(list_dates[0], list_dates[-1])
sc_state = propagator.propagate(curr_date)
ra_dec =[sc_state])

But it seems that method build has changed and should be used with parameters :

ra_dec =, other_parameter)

With other_parameter is Map<ObservableSatellite,OrekitStepInterpolator> interpolators , but I don’t get the meaning of this object : can you give me an example of how to use build now?

Thank you.


FYI this subject has been raised here.
Unfortunately there’s no generic, practical solution yet.