Update comments in CCSDS file

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I have a question regarding updating comments in CCSDS files using Orekit. I tried to parse a message that contains comments, e.g. CDM or OEM, and then change or remove some comments before writing it to a file again. However, I was not able to do this. It looks like the comments are stored in a CommentsContainer and only accessible as a read-only list (Collections.unmodifiableList), hence not modifiable.

How can I easily update/remove comments in a parsed message before writing it to a file again? Did I miss something?

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I’m afraid you currently have to rebuild a new message from the previous one, copying the data and modifying it on the fly.
Could you open an issue to ask the comments to be modifiable?

Thanks @luc for the quick reply!

I opened an issue in Gitlab for it: