Unexpected InterSatellitesRange measurements

I am working on building InterSatellitesRange type measurements. I have two local satellites (observers) and one remote satellite (to be observed). I am currently getting results that I do not expect (measurements generally between -2.0 and 2.0), where I expect measurements like ~1.0E7 (assuming the InterSatellitesRange measurement produces results in meters).

Here is the way I’m producing the measurements:
First I build the orbit for the remote sat. Then I build a propagator for the remote sat. Then I build a generator and add the remote sat’s propagator to it. Then for each local sat I build the orbit and propagator for that sat. Then I add the propagator for the local sat to the original generator. Then I build an InterSatellitesRangeBuilder (including Shapiro and on-board antenna offset modifiers) for that local sat. Then I add a ContinuousScheduler using the InterSatellitesRangeBuilder and a FixedStepSelector to the generator. Measurements are produced as generator.generate(t0,t1).

Can you help me think about what I might be doing wrong here?

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Hi @erinf

We are very sorry for the delay…
Could you provide an executable code to reproduce your problem? It would be very helpful.

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I am pleased to announce that while writing a short version of my code to send you, I figured out the error. I had been adding the propagator for my local satellite to its own “local” generator, rather than adding the local satellite propagator to the same generator which holds the remote satellite propagator. Seems to be working now!

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