Type of measurements in Kalman OD

I am using the KalmanNumericalOrbitDetermination tutorial. My question is if the input file allows to select other data types besides Range? I would like to enter Az El besides range. The example file “Lageos2-test.aer” only includes RANGE
2016-02-14T03:17:37.047 RANGE YARL 7021.334976
2016-02-14T03:19:01.047 RANGE YARL 6919.196834
2016-02-14T03:21:17.446 RANGE YARL 6778.421647
how should this file be modified to include az/el?

You can do something like:

2016-02-14T03:19:01.047 AZ_EL YARL 127.4  33.2

where the last two fields are the azimuth and elevation in degrees.

Note that this file format is a custom one we set up for the tutorial only, it is not a general one. It also supports RANGE_RATE with one data field specifying range in km/s and PV with six fields specifying position and velocity in km and km/s. In the PV case, as positions are absolute in the inertial frame used for the satellite state vector, the field used for the station name in other measurements is ignored and should be replaced by a dummy string like “----” to keep fields aligned for human users.