Tutorial/Example generating TLE from PV coordinates


I am helping one of our engineers starting with orekit on a task of generating TLE from a set of PV-time coordinates.

I think this is a common area that many face and would be good to have a good example of this, also including the new ways in later orekit versions. Does anyone have already some notebook shared or for share? In case not, with some help we could probably get some example in place.

In the new, there is this direct conversion from spacecraft state to TLE which is great as a first step but the difference with osculating / mean is interesting illustration, so the next step and suitable for many applications is the mean orbit. How is this best done in recent orekt versions, is that through the fitter as some versions before or more through IOD routines?

Feedback, examples would be welcome?

Hi Petrus,

It is now possible since 11.0 to generate a TLE from a SpacecraftState: TLE (ORbit Extrapolation KIT 11.0.1 API)

For older versions, I have this example from 2019, but it would need to be adapted to the breaking changes in newer version of Orekit: tle-fitting/01-tle-fitting-example.ipynb at master · GorgiAstro/tle-fitting · GitHub