Time dependent LOS


I can use without inconvenience a Rugged object for direct and reverse location when i’m using a fixed LOS in Satellite frame over time (pushbroom).
However i can’t figure out a way to use it when the LOS depends on time (mirror).
The LOSBuilder only wants to be fed List(Vector3D) as the ‘initial’ LOS, and then we can add a LOSTransform to it.

I see a workaround to this by implementing the LOSTransform with a class that would hold all my LOS(t) and give back the right LOS when transformLOS is called. But this seems like an artificial way of going and maybe there is something more clever to do with the TimeDependentLOS class.

So my question is: is there a built-in way of handling a List( List(Vector3D) ) instead of a List(Vector3D) ?

Another question related to the reverse location: how does the reverse location have any knowledge of the linenumber when all that it’s given to the Rugged object is a List(Vector3D) for the LOS.
Or also: how do i define multiple lines for my sensor ?

Edit: problem solved with a LOSTransform implementation