Tests randomly failing in Continuous Integration

After the various lat commits I made on Orekit, the Continuous Integration system ran as usual.
It failed randomly on the HatanakaCompressFilterTest because use of the default context were detected. This however should not happen because the default context plugin should not run for Orekit own tests. It is written in the pom/xml file in the configuration of default-testCompile execution.

The failure is also random as just pressing the retry button in the CI to relaunch the test sometimes works.

Does anybody understand what happens and why the plugin is triggered? It seems to be triggered only for HatanakaCompressFilterTest as it is the only place where I noticed failures, despite the default context is used in almost every test of Orekit.

Perhaps HatanakaCompressFilterTest doesn’t reset the default data context before running its tests.

My guess that that another test (probably one I wrote) uses ExceptionalDataContext and then doesn’t clear the default data context when it is finished. Then HatanakaCompressFilterTest doesn’t always set the default data context to what it expects it to be.