Targeting using Orekit

Dear all,

First of all thank you for this amazing tool you developed. I am new here and I was wondering if it is possible to perform orbit targeting with Orekit. I managed to perform scenarios with ConstantThrustManeuve such as inclination changes or Hohmann transfers. I am using high thrust, however, the time, direction of thrust and time when the maneuvers are performed does not reach exactly the orbit I want to reach. I was wondering if there is a way to perform a Differential Corrector in Orekit or if I need to do it on my own. I will be really grateful if someone did something similar and has examples or has any idea about how implement this.

Thank you all

Dear @antonio.checa,

Welcome to the Orekit community and thank you for your kind words.

To my knowledge, there is no built-in method or class in Orekit that would do this kind of maneuver adjustments.
But this would be a much-appreciated addition if you feel like contributing it :wink:

Hope the community will be able to help you more than I do.