String name for satellites in space-based measurements

I have noticed that when I create ground-based measurements and do estimation on those measurements, it is nice that I can pull a String name out of the TopocentricFrame used to construct GroundStation, in order to associate a particular measurement with its ground station by name.

Similarly, it would be nice to be able to pull some kind of String name out of the “PVCoordinatesProvider remote” used to construct a OneWayGNSSRange measurement or a String name out of the “ObservableSatellite local” used to construct an InterSatellitesRange measurement. Is it possible to do this now, or would it be possible to add a String name to these objects in the future?

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Hi @erinf

Thank you for your ideas :slight_smile:

The name of the TopocentricFrame is used internally by Orekit to differentiate frames in case a user initialized several TopocentricFrame objects.

Concerning the PVCoordinateProvider object, I don’t think we can add a name since the purpose of this interface is just to provide position-velocity coordinates. In addition, this interface is implemented by objects for which it is difficult to provide a name.

Concerning the ObservableSatellite, it could be a good idea.
My only concern is about space debris or uncatallogued object for which a user can’t have a name. If the name is added to the class, I think it shall be Optional.
I would like to have the opinion of other persons about this.

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I agree on adding a name for the ObservableSatellite. I don’t think it has to be mandatory, if only for compatibility reason.
Or we could probably use the satellite number to build a default name, if needed.


Adding a name to observable satellite seems a good idea, and defaulting to something built from the number is fine too.

Good ! @erinf could you open an issue in the Gitlab repository? Issues · Orekit / Orekit · GitLab

I have opened an issue ( #1039).
I hope I have included all of the relevant information!