Station to satellite distance

I’m using TLE propagation to calculate Azimut and elevation from station to satellite. It’s working properly using the example from Orekit tutorial from Python adapted to Java. How canI get distance to satellite too, during the propagation?
Obviously, I’m a beginer.
Thank you for your help!

Hi @omarlopez

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To obtain the azimuth and elevation of the satellite I guess you used the methods getAzimuth(Vector3D extPoint, Frame frame, AbsoluteDate date) and getElevation(Vector3D extPoint, Frame frame, AbsoluteDate date). Please note that, in the same class you used to call that methods, there is also a method getRange(Vector3D extPoint, Frame frame, AbsoluteDate date) that answer your request.

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Thank you very much to @bcazabonne for the solution. In the documentation, it doesn’t seem very clear what “range” is refered to. I tried and it works properly.