Snapshot version unpublished?

Did these snapshot versions go missing?

org.hipparchus:hipparchus-core:jar:      2.0-20210614.200156-32
org.hipparchus:hipparchus-fft:jar:       2.0-20210614.200242-32
org.hipparchus:hipparchus-fitting:jar:   2.0-20210614.200229-32
org.hipparchus:hipparchus-ode:jar:       2.0-20210614.200217-32
org.hipparchus:hipparchus-optim:jar:     2.0-20210614.200223-32
org.hipparchus:hipparchus-stat:jar:      2.0-20210614.200203-32

I checked the maven-snapshots repo here and they are not there:

Some transitive dependency in our project is including them, else we would just update our own versions.

The snapshot versions are just temporary, they are not expected to remain on the long term.
Indeed, even the released 2.0 version is already old.
For production purposes, you should try to stick to released versions that will remain on maven central indefinitely.
The latest published version of Hipparchus is 2.3. See for example hipparchus-core 2.3 for the core module (all modules are released simultaneously).

Thank you for replying. Are you confirming that it was removed?

Unfortunately, our project is not the one using the snapshot version, someone else down the dependency graph must be. So I’ll have to figure out which one it is, and start some conversations.

I confirm it is removed.