Simulating topocentric right ascension/declination measurements

Hi all,

I’m trying to simulate observations of a satellite from a ground station using the measurement generation package. I’d like to produce topocentric right ascension & declination values, as from a telescope. I tried using an AngularRaDecBuilder, but I don’t understand how to properly specify the frame. I (naively) started with specifying the topocentric frame of the ground station, but the values (perhaps unsurprisingly) do not match my validation case. How can I get topocentric right ascension and declination values here? Thanks in advance.

Sometimes, just the act of writing something down helps clear things up. I looked at the source for AngularRaDec, and I see that it is, in fact, computing topocentric values. Changing the reference frame to the inertial frame I am interested (EME2000, in this case) in gives me the results I was expecting.