Setting up uncertainties in force models for field propagation

Dear Colleagues,

I have implemented a field propagation class similar to in the Orekit tutorials by Andrea Antolino. It works great and it saves me a lot of time compared to running Monte Carlo simulations.

I am trying to expand the class to include uncertainties in the force models. For the time being I would like to study the effect of uncertainties in the drag coefficient on the orbit of a spacecraft.

Is this feasible?

I looked at using the field version of the IsotropicDrag class with the drag coefficient as a derivative structure variable but I am stuck. I was planning to use the field version of IsotropicDrag force in my step handler but I couldn’t figure out how.

Do you have any suggestions or can you point me to an example?

Thank you and best regards,


I think this is a question we already had a few months ago, so we may need to add it to the FAQ now.

Here is the link from the old mailink list archives:

Thank you @luc. I did not search the archives before posting the question. I will work on setting up the simulation and report back on the progress.