Setters in Cdm objects


I am trying to edit some parts of the Cdm object.
At the moment, the only setters I can use are setters of primitive values.

I cannot reset a part of the cdm by setting a full set of parameters. For example, I would like to code :

segment.getData().setAdditionalParameters(new AdditionalParameters());


segment.setMetadata(new CdmMetadata().setManeuverable(Maneuvrable.N_A));

Do you think it could be possible to add setters to al these POJO objects :

  • Cdm.setHeader
  • CdmSegment.setMetadata
  • CdmData.setOdParameters
  • CdmData.setAdditionalParameters
  • CdmData.setCovarianceMatrix
  • RTNCovariance.setCovarianceMatrix

  • I am not sure I listed here all the setters I need, but that’s the idea!

I can contribute this if you agree?

Best regards,


How could we say no to that?