Security alert linked to Orekit website

Dear all,

since a few weeks, and the forum is blocked by my company firewall. After investigating, the Cyber Security subcontractor says that the pages/domain are blocked due to a specific file hosted on the website, more precisely on the historic of the old mailing list conversations. I prefer not to send the link to that file here for obvious reason but let me know by private message and I can send it.

Do other companies/individuals have the same issue? Is there anything the admin of the website can do about this?

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,

Mehdi Scoubeau

Hi @m.scoubeau,

You can MP me, @luc and @sdinot and tell us the name of the file or link the file itself.
We’ll try to do something about it.


The offending file has been removed, thanks for the report!