Scientific documents using Orekit

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With the Orekit development team we would like to perform a survey of scientific publications (i.e., conference papers, peer review papers, master thesis, PHD thesis, etc.) using Orekit library.
The purpose of this survey is to highlight the diversity of Orekit’s uses.
At the end we would like to gather these publications in a dedicated page in the Orekit website.

Google scholar is a useful tool for these but Orekit community is a better one :slightly_smiling_face:

Therefore, if any of you wrote a scientific document using Orekit could you share the reference in comments?
Any use is welcomed (cross validation, library to build new algorithm, new software, etc.)

Author 1, Author 2, Paper title, Conference or journal name, year.

Also providing a link to access the document would be very useful.

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Great idea Bryan !! :star_struck:

Hope we get many answers.
I pinned your message so that it stays on top of the list.

Nice idea!

Some from my side, most are indirectly related, where orekit has been used for some simulations but not the focus of the paper.

Dreischer, T., Thieme, B., Bacher, M., Buchheim, K., Hyvönen, P. “OPTEL-”: A Compact System for Optical Downlinks from LEO Satellites” In. Proc. 12th International Conference on Space Operations (SpaceOps), AIAA, 2012,

Eilertsen, B., Hyvönen, P. “Ground station networks vs. GEO relay satellites for polar orbiting satellites data download” In. Proc. 12th International Conference on Space Operations, AIAA, Stockholm, 2012

Hyvönen, P., Eilertsen, B. “Ground vs. satellite relay based data download from low Earth orbit – a technical, financial and commercial comparison”, In Proc. 64th International Astronautical Congress, Beijing, China, 2013

Hyvönen, P., Baister, G., Vidmark, A.,. “Operations of optical ground networks for small satellites”, ESA Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium, 2016

Hemberg, A. “Automated booking and scheduling for CubeSats: Development of an automated Scheduling engine for satellite communication with emphasis on communication with CubeSats”, Thesis work, 2015,

Hyvönen, P., Vidmark, A., Francou, L., & Baister, G. “On-board terminal developments and operations of optical ground networks for small satellites”. SpaceOps Conference 2018.

Browne Mwakyanjala, M., Hyvönen, P., de Oliveira, E. J., & van de Beek, J. “Feasibility of using a software‐defined baseband for multiple space per aperture (MSPA) ground operations.” International Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking*, 40(2), 133-147., 2022,


That’s a big list! Thank you Petrus!

That’s a great idea! Here are a few papers from my side at TU Berlin:

C. Jonglez, J. BartholomĂ€us, P. Werner, and E. Stoll, “Initial Tracking, Fast Identification in a Swarm and Combined SLR and GNSS Orbit Determination of the TUBIN Small Satellite,” Aerospace, vol. 9, no. 12, Art. no. 12, Dec. 2022, doi: 10.3390/aerospace9120793. Aerospace | Free Full-Text | Initial Tracking, Fast Identification in a Swarm and Combined SLR and GNSS Orbit Determination of the TUBIN Small Satellite

This one doesn’t use Orekit much, just a bit for planning Moon imaging experiments and for computing Moon-Spacecraft-Jupiter angles, but Orekit is mentioned and cited:

C. Jonglez, M. Barschke, J. BartholomĂ€us, and P. Werner, “ADCS performance assessment using payload camera: lessons learned on a small satellite mission and future applications,” in The 16th International Conference on Space Operations, 2021.


Udrea, B. (2019). Analysis of a Swarm Deployment for Very Low Earth Orbit Operations. 29th AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting, Kaanapali, Maui, HI.

If it counts, I also a few reports on uncertainty propagation using Orekit’s Tayor Differential Algebra methods. They are not publicly releasable yet but I’ll eventually compile them in a paper.


Thank you @petrus.hyvonen, @yzokras and @bogdan.udrea !!

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