Roadmap for Orekit 12.0.2

Dear all,

Because we have a lot of adressed issues, I suggest to make a patch release by mid-march . Here is the program:

Adressed issues


#1273 : Fixed in !462. Thank you @markrutten !
#1321 : Thank you @luc !
#1322 : Thank you @luc !


#1300 : Fixed in !469. Thank you @evan.ward !


#1309 : Fixed in !474. Thank you @markrutten !

Multi threading

#1296 : Fixed in !465. Thank you @LordRaptor !

Ongoing issue

This issue might not be ready by the time the release is done :

Urgent issue

Issue #1328 is marked as urgent so we will at least wait for this issue to be done before making a release.

Thank you !

Many thanks to everyone for noticing and opening issues ! This is really important so keep it up :+1:.

Best regards,

It seems #1327 has already been merged.
I have just closed #1328, changing the javadoc as in fact it was always forbidden to have null dates in the field versions of the methods.

Roger that :+1: , thank you @luc.

I guess we could release now.
Anyone volunteering for the task?

Stand-by for a few hours.
A co-worker pointed out to me a potential huge inconsistency in inter-satellite phase measurements. I don’t know yet if it is in Orekit or in my code above, I am investigating. If the bug is in Orekit I would like to have it fixed in a released version as soon as possible.

Yes I’m volunteering :+1:.

Roger that, I will wait for your feedback.


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OK, you can proceed with the release. I have found the error and it was in my application, not in Orekit.

I think we could add to the list 1347 (No public constructor in Inertia and InertiaAxis classes) that you just fixed @luc no?

Sure, it seems appropriate.

Perfect, i’ll start the release tomorrow then.


Thanks for making a release!

If possible it would be good to include DSST orbit estimation cannot estimate propagation and/or measurement parameters (#986) · Issues · Orekit / Orekit · GitLab (MR Fix DSST Jacobians for force model parameters (!495) · Merge requests · Orekit / Orekit · GitLab). This fixes a regression that seems to have been present in Orekit since the addition of the EKF in 11.1.



HI Evan,

Good thing you mentioned this, I will be making the release this afternoon.

I think the MR is ready to merge. I’m planning to wait a bit so that @luc and @bcazabonne have a chance to review if they would like to. If would like to get started on the release I think it would be fine to merge and let them provide review after it is merged.

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Ok, i’m starting now. I will do most of the work and release it today if we can/want to. Otherwise, i will simply wait for a day or two before officially releasing it.

I have approved the MR. I am not sure I am the most relevant reviewer for this, but as far as I can tell, it is good.

Thanks, Evan!


Ok so the release is almost ready. Lots of cherry picking needed to be done so it took longer than expected. Unfortunatly i will not be able to make the release today but i will do my best to do it by tomorrow.

I’ll post updates here.


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Thanks a lot Vincent.

I think for the next patch we should really stick to a dedicated branch and target the MRs there. Anyhow I’m thinking 12.1 for the following one, right? We already got a solid milestone.



I think the MR is ready (Fix DSST Jacobians for force model parameters (!495) · Merge requests · Orekit / Orekit · GitLab). Should I merge it to develop? Or let you merge it to a different branch?


Hey Evan,

Dont worry, I decided to cherry pick all the way. All fixes including yours are already on the patch branch.

I’ll work on it around 2pm and hopefully I will not have to fix a lot of sonarqube errors :sweat_smile:.

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Ok so i have encountered unforeseen problems regarding pipeline compilation and SonarQube. I fixed most of the issues, i still have some issues to fix and others shall probably be ignored (such as approximate pi value for example). I pushed on the remote and i will not be able to finish it today :sweat:.

We are almost there :muscle: ! I will finish it by tomorrow for sure this time.

I apologize for the delay :pray: !