Roadmap for Orekit 11.0.1

Dear all,

Based on the positive reactions to the following post I would like to release a patch version of Orekit by the end of the month.

Here are the bugs that I would like to include in the roadmap of the patch:

  • Bugs in the code: #839 #841 #844 and probably #833 depending if I have enough time to fix it.
  • Improvement of the documentation: #838 and #843
  • Bug in the CI: #842

It represents at least 6 issues (maybe 7). Two of the above issues have a merge request already opened. The documentation improvements are straightforward to do and the two other issues are very easy to fix. Therefore, I think that 1-2 days maximum are needed to do the patch release (depending if I include #833 in the program).

What do you think?


In addition, because the Spanish translations of the Orekit exceptions are already available in the develop branch, they will be included in the roadmap.