Retrieve individual propagators from AggregateBoundedPropagator

So I am reading in multiple SP3 files and have created an AggregateBoundedPropagator in order to hold all my satellite data in a single propagator. However, while I can see in the debugger where the individual BoundedPropagator objects are stored for the Aggregate propagator, I couldn’t find any method to call the separate propagators out from the Aggregate and check their minDate and maxDate bounds. Did I simply overlook this when going over the class data or does this method not exist? Thank you.

Hi @baubin welcome

There is currently no way to get the propagators back. As a workaround, you could save the list or map you pass to the constructor. This however would be clumsy and force you to redo the chronological sorting that is done internally. So it would be better to add a new method to retrieve an unmodifiable view of the sorted map.
Could you open an issue for this?

No problem. Thanks for the quick reply.



And fixed in the development branch :wink:

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Waouh! This night support team is really impressive :wink:

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Agreed! Nice work Luc :laughing: