Releasing Orekit 9.3, what should we include?

Since release of version 9.2, 6 months ago, there have been numerous additions in Orekit.
What is already available in the development branch is:

  • a new GPSDate class
  • OrekitException are now unchecked exceptions
  • scale, reference, min and max values can be changed in ParameterDriver
  • Kalman filter intermediate matrices are now available
  • position only measurements have been added in orbit determination
  • unofficial version 2.12 and 2.20 of Rinex files (for spaceborne receivers) are now supported
  • GNSS attitude providers noon/midnight turns have been improved
  • TimeSpanMap lets user retrieve span boundary dates
  • upgrade from Hipparchus 1.3 to Hipparchus 1.4

What is still ongoing work and is expected to be added in 9.3 is:

  • new tropospheric models for GNSS (Mendes-Pavlis, Vienna models 1 and 3)
  • estimation of Zenith Tropospheric Delay in orbit determination
  • promotion of measurements generators from the unit tests to the library

We would like to release version 9.3 in December. It will most probably be the last
version in the 9.x series. Next version would be 10.0 (scheduled for May 2019) and
will include at least the DSST orbit determination and propagation in non-inertial
frames (typically for Lagrange points missions), and most probably another batch
of GNSS-related features.

What would you like to include in the 9.3 version that has not been listed above?

Do developers have work in progress they want to finalize before the release?


Hi all,

I’m ok with the list @luc sent and do not have any major things I’d like to add for version 9.3.

I’ve worked a little on issue 403 related to process noise matrix in Kalman filter. But I’m not there yet and I don’t think I’ll have time to close it before 9.3.


Looks like many good improvements. I’ll try to fix #496, and #486 before the release, though I don’t think either has to be included in this release.