Release Python Wrapper for 10.2

Dear all,

Following the 10.2 main Orekit release, the Python wrapper 10.2 is now available. This version includes the improvements and changes of the 10.2 java version (Orekit 10.2 release )with corresponding new or updated wrapper classes for Python. Thanks to Olivier Podevin for the CCSDS file wrappers.

Another update in the Python part is the possibility to refer to a folder in the convenience function “setup_orekit_curdir”, thanks to Clément Jonglez. By using a folder, the start up time is significantly reduced.

The specific classes for sub-classing Java classes in Python are starting in 10.0 being transitioned from org.orekit.python to the same package as the original class. For new v10.1 and 10.2 classes only the new location in the package of the original class is used.

Rugged v2.1 is included as in 10.1. This should be considered experimental as there are no test cases yet, but basic interaction has been tested.

Things that does not have test cases in Python are by definition not tested and shall be considered experimental :slight_smile:

There has been some issue in recent conda-build versions for JCC in windows. JCC thus is held back to JCC 3.6+patches for windows while the mac/linux is on fresh conda builds on latest v3.7. This is not expected to have any impact for the execution.

As before, for documentation, the best placs are the wiki, the API for orekit and rugged, combined with the test cases at this moment.

Installation instructions as well as basic examples on the wiki:

It is highly recommended to use the conda package version over building from sources.

The (Python) test suite contains advanced examples:

Please post general questions on usage or problems on the orekit forum ( and please report identified bugs or issues on the issue page (