Recommended way to plot output?

Using Orekit (and Java) there a recommended way of plotting the output easily to see the results when needed? Like on Python or Matlab one can easily use Matplotlib or plot3d to plot the position output. I’m curious to see what the Orekit team uses when you need to visualize the output? Thanks.

There are no recommendations for tools, everyone use the one they are more comfortable with.

Personnally, I use gnuplot, and often generates the gnuplot scripts directly from Java, using the template I wrote in GnuplotComplexPlotter, changing the plot commands according to my needs.
All the plots in my paper on very low thrust station keeping were done using gnuplot.

When I need to plot durectly in the Java code (i.e., no need of post processing tasks generating output files for matplotlib or other tools), I use JFreeChart. It’s an open source Java library for plotting. You can import it like Orekit in your pom.xml file.

Even if it’s a difficult to use compare to Python libraries (e.g. matplotlib, bokeh), it has the advantage to be used directly in the Java code

Thank you both! I will give them a try.