Recommend a systematic way of figuring out how to use Orekit?

I have been looking at Orekit on and off for a while now. However, I still feel rather confused overall. Is there a systematic way one can use to approach to figure out how to do certain things? For example, I have been looking at OEM import and parsing. It was unfortunately easier for me to find someone who has attempted a similar task (and look at the code that they have posted) instead of looking at the API. Also while looking at the example/tutorial code I often think to myself, there is no way I would be able to figure out the sequence of classes to use to achieve what I need.

So, is there a more recommended way to approach to learn to use Orekit? I know there is now a tutorial, but with specific task, I’m not sure if the tutorial is of much help. Any help is appreciated? Also, I assume becoming more proficient with Java would probably help with the process as well? Thanks for the help.

Hi @tyl
Learning how to use Orekit is a long journey.
The first part is to look at the overview in the maven generated site. You can look in the menu on the left hand side of this site and browse the overview, data and architecture topics.
Then, you can head to the tutorials, but they correspond to specific needs and may not cover all you need. You can ask for more tutorials on new subjects if you want.
The third online resource is the forum. You can ask questions here and get help from the community.
Then there are complete trainings available, taught by the core Orekit team for durations between 3 and 5 days depending on your choices. These trainings are not online and you have to pay for them. If you are interested, ask @pascal.parraud or @MaximeJ.

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Hi @luc thanks for the reply.

I’ll look into your recommendations. As for paid training, I’m not sure if I can make that happen. Thanks.

And one more option is Training on Orekit – Orekit.Space
I personally consider it to admit someday.

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It is the same option I talked about. Pascal and Maxime work at CS group. I really recommend this training (disclaimer: I wrote a large part of it). It has been taught a large number of time. It includes presentation of the packages and several hands on exercises. Talks with the Orekit team are also valuable.

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Thank you! This is really exciting.

Are we taking about the paid training here? I’m confused.

Yes, I was talking about the paid training. Writing to Pascal or Maxime on the forum or following the link from site has the same result: you get in touch with the CS Group team working on Orekit. And these people can provide a very good paid training.

Understood. Before I ask for the offiticla training. Do you offer indididual training? Or do you only deal with business?