Receive all posts via email?


I’ve been trying to keep up with the discussions on this site by receiving an email for every new post, but I can’t seem to get the settings right. Anyone know how to configure my settings so that I get an email for every new post, similar to a mailing list?

For example, I was emailed about the first post and Luc’s posts, but not lastcow’s last two posts to Get distance between two satellites

Here is a screen shot of my email settings:

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

You can also subscribe globally for all topics in a category.
In your settings, select the Categories page. This page presents a few
lists corresponding to the categories watched, tracked, watching first post…

If the “watched” list is empty, it will only display a dim gray Search… text. Left click inside the empty rectangle, you should be able to select new categories to watch. I do watch the three Orekit and the three Rugged cetegories (annoucements, usage, development).

I had Orekit/Rugged usage/Development selected in the “watched” box. It still seems like I’m missing about half the emails though. For example, I never received an email about your reply. I only saw it because I had the page open.

@evan.ward I followed Anne Laure’s advice, posted during the first few days of the forum to get all the messages. I filter the orekit emails to route into their own inbox in Outlook.

Your profile > Perferences > Email the last combo to Send an email for every new post .

Hi Evan,

According to the Discourse and Postfix logs, Discourse sent an email to you for each post from other users and none of these emails was rejected. So, during the last 24 hours, you should have received 6 notifications. Is it right?

As you, I activated the “mailing list mode” (this setting overrides the others). It works fine for me, I receive an email notification for each post sent by other users, whatever its category or topic.


I received 5 between Sep 5-6 10:15 AM local time, so I seem to have missed another one. Perhaps the issue isn’t my own ignorance with discourse as I originally thought. Maybe the emails are being marked as spam or filtered somewhere on my end. I’ll check if that is the case.