Range/RangeRate as a single Measurement object


I’d like to thank the Orekit team for a wonderful product! I really enjoy working with Orekit.

I have some use cases related to orbit determination where challenges arise when there are multiple measurements at the same timestamp. For these use-cases, it would be very helpful to have a Measurement object that contained both Range and RangeRate as a single measurement. Is this something that has been considered?

If this isn’t on the roadmap, I would be interested in implementing it myself. From a brief review of the implementation of Range and RangeRate, it doesn’t seem like it would be difficult, but are there any specific challenges that I should be aware of?


There is a MultiplexedMeasurement class devoted for such use cases. It can gather any number of measurements of any type as a single measurement. It is typically used in GNSS cases with Kalman filtering as you want your Kalman filter to handle a large number of data that arrive all at once.