RA-Dec to AzEl conversion

Hi there,

Is there method already implemented for converting Right Ascension/Declination angular measurements to Azimuth/Elevation measurements?
Since a recent version, RADEC measurements are available but I do not find a way to convert them using existing methods…
And of course the opposite conversion would be also interesting !

Thanks in advance !

No, there are no such method, but it is quite trivial to do.
You need only the observing station position (typically as a TopocentricFrame), the date and
the angles. You will have to compute the transform from the inertial frame to the topocentric frame
at current date, and use transformVector to transform a unit vector in inertial direction into a unit
vector in topocentric frame (transformVector only applies the rotation part, which is what you want).
Then, you can extract the AzEL angles.