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Hello everyone. There are several ways to orbit estimate in the tutorial. What scenarios are each method suitable for? For example, does the Numerical OrbitDetermination method only apply to low-orbit satellites? And the DSSTOrbitDetermination method for geostationary satellites? Where can I see such instructions. Thank you! Of course, my above example may be misunderstood.

Hi @newWL,

Not an expert of orbit determination here but i can at least say that the numerical orbit determination is the most generic way of doing it and will apply to any kind of orbit.

The DSST orbit determination uses the semi analytical DSST model and gives results similar to the numerical orbit determination while being faster to compute (from my understanding). It can also be applied to any kind of Earth centered orbit.

If you have any doubts, go with the numerical one.


Thank you very much for your answers and help.

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Hi both!

Yes there are many orbit determination tutorial because there are many orbit determination algorithms in Orekit :smiley:

All these tutorials can be used for any orbit types. We chose LEO context for numerical orbit determination and MEO for DSST to highlight the algorithm. But there is no constraint.
All these tutorials use YAML files to be initialized. Please find here the one of numerical orbit determination. As you could see, a lot of thing can be changed/adapted to match different orbit types.
You can also look at the template YAML file we used to build orbit determination tutorials


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Thanks, I finally understood. I will study the information you provided.