Questions about attitude

Hello everyone!
1、How do I set the attitude when estimating? Whether this is the setting in YAML: attitudeMode: “CENTER_POINTING_WITH_YAW_STEERING”.

2、How to set the attitude when propagator?

3、The modes below all represent what status they are, and where can I find instructions on them. For example: NADIR_POINTING_WITH_YAW_COMPENSATION, CENTER_POINTING_WITH_YAW_STEERING,


The modes are some of the regular modes available in Orekit. The overall design is described in the attitudes page of the architecture.
The available modes in the library itself are found in the corresponding package, look at the javadoc (or the code) to see what they model.

For propagation, the attitude mode is selected by calling the setAttitudeProvider method of the propagator, all propagators support this. During propagation, the propagator will generate SpacecraftState objects on the fly and for all of them it will have called the attitude provider to set up the attitude properly, so once setAttitudeProvider has been set up, everything is handled automatically.

The YAML files just select a few of the available attitude modes, it is possible to add new ones if needed.

Thank you, I studied the above material. The specific expression of attitude is difficult to understand.

Yes, attitude modeling is often a tricky issue.
What are the attitude modes you need? If you can describe them precisely, we could check if they correspond to already supported mode or if a custom AttitudeProvider implementation is needed.

Thank you very much, I will consult you after careful research. Thank you!