Question about Geomagnetic Field

Hello everyone!
Does the geomagnetic field have an impact on orbit determination and propagation? If so, did orekit use the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field? Thanks.

Magnetic field does not directly influences orbits dynamics.
Its direct effect on satellites is either an effect on electronics (the dreadful South Atlantic Anomaly, handled in Orekit by MagneticFieldDetector) or is used in attitude (both for measurements in magnetometers or for control in magnetorquers, you have to set up your own code to use GeoMagneticField there).
It also has an indirect effect as it channels the electrons from solar wind to the upper atmosphere, but in this case Orekit doesn’t use the magnetic field by itself but rather the geomagnetic indices that are used ion atmosphere models.

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Thank you so much for that very clear!Orekit is really amazing.