Question about footprint shape

Greetings everyone.
I’ve defined the following fov, which should be a rectangle. However, the footprint shape I obtained is not a rectangle. Is there an issue with my understanding? Here is part of my code; I hope everyone can help me and resolve my problem. Thank you!

imagerFOV1=PolygonalFieldOfView(Vector3D.PLUS_K,PolygonalFieldOfView.DefiningConeType.INSIDE_CONE_TOUCHING_POLYGON_AT_EDGES_MIDDLE,Vector3D.PLUS_I, radians(33.0),4, 0.0)

inertToBody = state.getFrame().getTransformTo(earth.getBodyFrame(), state.getDate())

fovToBody = Transform(state.getDate(), state.toTransform().getInverse(), inertToBody)

footprint = imagerFOV1.getFootprint(fovToBody, earth, radians(10.0))

The attitude setting is as follows:

attitudeProvider = NadirPointing(ECI, earth) # Also provide attitude of the satellite
SGP4 = TLEPropagator.selectExtrapolator(mytle, attitudeProvider, satellite_mass)

The issue has been resolved.