Python wrapper for v11 relesed


With the release of orekit v11, the python wrapper has been updated.

It contains the upgrades of the orekit v11 library as described in Orekit 11.0 release

This release does not contain the rugged library that was part of v10 as it is not (yet) updated with the latest Hipparchus dependencies.

Python wrapper classes created for interfaces and abstract classes and a few additional classes.

Note that there are some API changes in v11, so you may need to modify your code a bit. And a lot of new interesting stuff! :slight_smile:

Many thanks to all who worked so hard for getting the orekit v11 release! Looking forward using this!

Thank you very much @petrus.hyvonen for your consistent efforts to make Orekit usable from Python and thus contribute to the attractiveness and success of this library.

Thank you Petrus! :slight_smile:

The python version is now updated for orekit 11.0.1, available in conda-forge.


Thank you @petrus.hyvonen :slight_smile: