PyCharm IntelliSense and Orekit

I’m using the Python wrapper for the first time and really enjoying it. A lot of this I’m doing in Jupyter Notebooks but some of it I’m doing in PyCharm. One thing I haven’t figured out is how to get IntelliSense to recognize the Java classes for the imports and then autocomplete. The code all runs but my editor is full of not found errors. The code all runs perfectly fine but it seems like it’d be even better if I could figure out how to make PyCharm aware of the Java classes. It’s not just Orekit, it’s not happy with etc.

PS is there an interest to have a utility function added to the wrapper for loading orekit data from a folder rather than the zip file?


Yes, PyCharm is not able to do the autocomplete and is not aware of the orekit classes. I think this is due to that the orekit class hierarchy is populated when the initVM() routine has been executed. PyCharm is not looking at the current interpreter as I understand it, rather checking files on disk or something like that.

There was another thread on this: Auto-completion with Python wrapper?

Autocompletion works in jupyter (which checks the current namespace) and spyder, and I have heard reports that pydev does as well but that is same base I think as in PyCharm, but not sure.

You can set PyCharm to ignore the not found error, which removes a bit noise.

Yes, it would for several cases be better to use a folder rather than a zip, and the DataManager stuff needs an update as well, see end of this issue: